A walk through the wonders of Niagara Glen Park is fraught with images cast in rock. Images that seem to encompass animal, man and spirit. They were created thousands of years ago and appear to stand fast to this day with a life of their own. In the opening of this pathway is a cat-like creature that seems to be guarding the beings that have gone before us, protecting the wisdom of the Native peoples and their unbreakable connection to this earth. The experiences of these souls were so powerful that they left a tangible impression. They are waiting to guide us back to the pathway of unity where respect and kindness override war, where honesty and integrity override deception and greed. A path that transcends into a stairway that bypasses the fear manufactured by a corrupt government. A stairway that ascends into a higher state of consciousness. It brings us to the place where we meet the figure in the light. She is there to welcome and remind us that we, in fact, are one and can live in celebration of that unity.
It is with honour and respect that I offer my visual impression of 'Guides and Guardians'.
Acrylic on Canvas
20" x 30"
22.50" x 15"
Edition Size 350 s/n