Tribute to an Artist

There's a painting, that Mesmerizes me,
So powerful, yet calming for the eye to see
You're compelled toward it
By the emotions it can unfold -
A serene woman kneeling down,
Surrendering her soul to God
Rays of light shine down on her,
Like shafts of gold
God's acceptance of her, acknowledged
By the adornment of gossamer wings,
A feather floating gently down,
Reminds me of God's beautiful birds that sing.
The colour of this feather is white,
And thoughts of purity to us come to light,
United with a peacefulness, All is alright.
The artist, Johannus Boots, has caught
Our emotions, it's true
For as you gaze, it surely possesses
Every emotion in you
It's called "Surrender"; And the artist named it true,
For it really does make you
Surrender all the emotions in you -

Jacqueline Le Gresley

Acrylic on Canvas
11.5" x 30.5"
Edition Size 550