This elderly lady portrayed, was 88 years young when I first met her. She visited my studio on one occasion asking me to appraise an old painting (This picture is incorporated in this painting).
After speaking with her, I felt a child-like innocence and wisdom which touched my heart. It gave me the inspiration to have her portrayed in a mirror, reflecting her "Ageless Heart". She agreed to pose for me in her home, yet she could not understand "why anyone would want to paint someone with so many wrinkles".
Upon completing this painting, I displayed it in my studio window. I was curious to see what kind of response it would get. As I stood there, a few people busily hurried by; then to my surprise she was the first person to stop and look in the window. It sent a wave of delight through me! I feel that as we get older there still remains a part of us that never grows old.
Ageless Heart
from Westmount Gallery
24" x 30"
Acrylic on Canvas
21.5" x 25"
Edition Size 250
$300.00 Secondary Market Only